Various Quadcopter movies and stills during January flights at Lake Beulah,WI

Below is a minute and half clip on the sun going down on Lake Buelah .....

Every time I take the "bird" out my confidence level goes up ..and now I have work on getting my mind wrapped around video editing... It seem like a good idea for me to "group" the movies in one spot in order to check my flying ability and my editing skills .


As a test .....The both images are one from the DJI Phantom Vision 2 Plus Raw and one from the Nikon D3 70MM Lens..

Both tweaked in PhotoShop CS6

Below movie is a two minute movie on a somewhat cloudy and windy Lake Day 

Below-------Two minute MP4 (Clip taken from the nine minute MP4)

The above MP4 is the complete nine minute presentation