Quicks Picks of the WFBB Worlds Fastest Wheelie on Ice

Today I had the honor of watching Ryan S. take back the World's record of doing The World's Fastest Wheelie on Ice ...The old record of 114 MPH was held by the Swedish Champion Robert Gull....Apparently Ryan S. decided to take his record back to the USA.

The below slideshow are "quick picks" of the day ,,The plan is to review files of the complete day tomorrow or Monday and post the best images that were captured rather then just the "record" pic's.

The below "run " is a average of a 115 mph with in 100 meter course with a constant "Wheelie"


The below "run " is a average of a 117.5 MPH (New World Record)

Check out these amazing riders

Big "shout out" to the great folks at Norms Hideway on Lake Koshkonong, Wisconsin and Bargain Barn Cycle in Edgerton, Wisconsin for hosting a awesome event.

I will review and post additional files very soon, if you need anything please text/call me at 630-258 8930  or tom@tomba-images.com .

Cheers, Tomba