Jim Dangler Derby # 3 Lake Beulah

This past weekend I had the honor to hang with a group of fun loving people doing things wild and crazy things  ....Well, let me say if you think Tailgating at Soldier Field is a life experience.  Take a look at how they Tailgate on Lake Beulah ,Wisconsin .. Check it out ...I cant wait till next year...

1) Below :Couple of my favorite Lake pic's;

2) Under those two picks ..Slideshow of 15 favorites;

3) Below link is a four minute slideshow of the complete photo gallery (100 plus files)  posting on "you-tube"

Warming up in the oldest Ice Shanty on Lake Beulah, Wisconsin ...23 years old (1987) and has been retrieved after sinking three times over the years.  I being told its the warmest shanty on Lake Beulah....Clicking on image will bring it to a light box for viewing.

This fine wool matching winter gear was owned by this Gentlemen's Grandfather and is from 1955.  He wears it once a year and I can tell you it looks brand new. God Bless people that cherish and care for items from their history.   

Above slideshow is 15 or so of my favorites  images of a fun day on Lake Beulah.

The below link will take you to a posting on "You Tube" of the complete gallery ...Four minute slideshow of a 100 plus files ..


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