Looking back at film #2 ...

 Below image

Camera : Mamiya RB      Medium Format       Film :   Kodak 125PX      Taken : Approximately 2004

Below is original scan from today, its been so long since I have done any scanning there's no canned air around here to clean neg's ..

Original neg-George-Web.jpg
Film Test011-Web.jpg

 Above is 60 seconds in CS6 levels and healing Brush ... 


Below image :                Original negative scan  from today 

Camera : Nikon F   Format 35MM    Film : Ilford FP 4 Plus      Date taken : Approximately 2003 

2nd image                         Enhanced in Photoshop CS6  today

Original neg -Phil-Web.jpg
Enhanced  neg -Phil-Web.jpg

 I still have a couple of Mamiya RB's in Long Grove and I do have the Nikon F with me in East Troy so if time permits during the next couple of days the plan is to fire up some film camera's and see what i can come up with..


Cheers,   Tomba