Friday March 18th 2016 Semi-Finals -Chicago Golden Gloves

Friday  March 18th , 2016 the Chicago Golden Gloves  held their second of three days of the 2016 Semi- Finals.

Below the cover image of the "Aisling Holt vs Claire Crowley " , you will find a slideshow which contains some of my favorite images of the night ...Please note that slideshow is not the complete Photo Gallery Posting of all 19 matches held on Friday (St. Pats Day).  To access the complete Photo Gallery Posting, locate the link below the slideshow.

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Above image of "Holt vs Crowley daguerreotype" is available as a limited edition print-Click on image for Lighbox viewing.......................Below Slideshow of "favorite images" of March 18th 2016 Semi-Finals.





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