Golden Gloves videos ...From Bout 1 through 5 on March 14th 2015

As most of you all ready know, Ben wasn't availble to film the video's at vCshicago Golden Gloves this year..Since no else "stepped up to the plate" ,in addition to the still photography,  I will also video tape the Chicago Golden Gloves Finals at Cicero Satduim on Thursday April 9th- April 10th and the 11th.

As a test , I set a camera on Saturday March 14th .... 

During the Finals the cost for video's will be $25.00 for preorders  (Before the match)  and $35.00 for orders after the match.

Elcid Tueres  vs Isaac Newton      Bout five  125 Lb.  Novice

Video lenght 12 minutes and 24 seconds    

Joseph Cumming vs Jeff Williams   Bout four   178 Lb S/N 

Video Lenght  4 minutes and 42 seconds     Winner Jeff Williams  RSC 52 seconds of the first round

Bout three     John Sullivan   vs   Mitch Kazuk         156 Lb   S/Novice

Video lenght  9 minutes  55 Second   Winner Mitch Kazuk  RSC   


Bout two   Ernie Dellado   vs Jaime Awarrado    156 Lb  S/Novice

Video lenght 9 Minutes and 42 seconds   Winner Ernie Dellado by KO 22 seconds of the third round

Bout One  Derwin Jimenez  vs  Tyler Matthews   125 Novice

Video lenght 7 minutes and 46 seconds    Winnner Tyler Matthews  RSC 42 seconds of the second round

See you at the finals....Cheers,