Boxing at Conquer Saturday Night fights in Liberyville, Illinois

Getting ready for tonight's  December 9th Boxing gig , the Conquer Saturday night Boxing at the Libertyville Sports Complex in Liberyville, Illinois. Please take note that all proceeds raised will help continue to support the at "risk youth programs" and all pre-table sales are split with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention......Alway's a great time, check it out ...First fight 7:30 PM and the location of the Liberyville Sports Complex is 

Come on out and support the young Chi-town boxers ( and a few oldier warriors) and the Suicide Prevention Foundation.  Text me at 630- 258 8930 if you neeed info... 

Barack vs Kaechele -17    Click on image to view in Lightbox

After tommorow night , we do not have any Boxing or MMA scheduled till Glory #50  in February. So It will be time for Tomba to work on some on-going projects like Photo Books, Etc. but more importantly spend some quality time with Deb, grandkids and start photographying more Lake Beulah images in various formats to capture the beauty of a Wisconsin lake winter. 

Cheers, Tomba