Bobby Hitz's Weigh-In Portraits of June 16th 2016

As in most every Bobby Hitz Weigh-in ( this weigh-in in preparation for tonight's Friday's June 17th 2016 Boxing matches held at The Belvedere in Elk Grove Village, Illinois) we capture portraits of the warriors that will "do work" on the other side of the ropes.

Ladies and Gentlemen , may I present the "bad asses of the night" ...the "warriors of the ring" ..."Chi-town's favorites " ..The Bobby Hitz stacked card for June 17th 2016...

Main Event          Tommy Zbikowskivs vs  Raymond Gray

Above slideshow , fighters ready to fight tonight...

Need information on tickets? ...Directions ? Text call me at 630-258 8930 or e-mail at " tom "  See you at Belvedere ..

Oh yeah, btw ..Thanks to George Hurtell , Clarence Sinclair Bull, Virgil Apger and all the other great Hollywood Photog's  for the work you did in the 30"s and 40's ...Want to know the future look to the past !!!

Cheers, Tomba