Getting it together for the Friday June 17th Bobby Hitz Boxing Matches

Here's a few "quick picks " of the warriors  from  tonight's Bobby Boxing Weigh-In in preparation for tomorrow nights Belvedere , Elk Grove Village boxing matches and yes it is better live...and yes without paying for parking is without a doubt better ..

Tommy Zbikowski             188 Lbs.                              Raymond Gray188 Lbs.


David Latoria                     245 Lbs.                              Francois Russell 234 Lbs.


Javier Rivera                      112 Lbs.                              Ivan Hernandez111.5 Lbs.


Martez McGregor             175.5 Lbs.                           Dwayne Williams171 Lbs.


Gilbert Vengas                   148.5 Lbs.                           Jamie Herrera149.5 Lbs.


Nick Mazerek                    242 Lbs.                              Grover Young253 Lbs. 

Need ticket info -directions -any information regarding the Friday night Bobby Hitz's Boxing June 17th matches at the Belvedere.  Please text/ call me at 630-258 8930 or e-mail at " " and I will do my best to take care of any questions you may have..

See you at the fights ...Cheers,                               


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