A week ago plus 48 hours ...US Cellular Field

It was a week ago plus 48 hours ago that I was loading up the car and heading South (Of course, I didn't know that I going to be traveling for three plus hour because of Foster being flooded) .. But if I thought I was "keyed up" because of traffic , there were a few fighters at US Cellular Field really "keyed up" and getting their "focus on" for their upcoming match for that night ... Lets revisit History from a week ago plus 48 hours.

I'm pretty sure that Donovan George would have done his celebration "back flip" at US Cellular Field on August 23rd.  But the ring was filled with so many  team and well wishers that there was no way to make space that night at the end of his match ..But this is what it would look like if he had room! ...

Reviewing media coverage ;

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Cheers ...Have a great Labor Day Holiday ..