Chicago ...City of World Champions ..

Chi-town of World Champions and tonight we have yet another World Champion,  Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce you to the new World Champion IBO Super-middle Weigh  title holder Mr. Donovan George.

At US Cellular field tonight Donovan George defeated Dyah Davis to take the "Big W"  by unanimous Decision and leave with the World title....

Here's what pasted before my eyes tonight ...

My favorite image of the night                   Clicking on image will take it to a light-box 

and the below is what followed ...

Mike Jimenez vs Maxwell Taylor

Fidel Navarrete vs Sergio Montes de Oca 

Genaro Mendez vs Alfred Hall 

Wish I would have had time to work on all the files....But , unfortunately , I'm running out of time right now. Sorry Frankie Scalise and Dewayne Wisdom...I will work on completing and posting all files on Tuesday to post on .

Cheers,        Tomba