Getting closer to "fight night" at the "Cel-field"

That's right, after the fantastic "fight week" preparations we are "down to the wire" ..The last of the Promo's/ preparations  for the Round 3-B96-Hitz Boxing happened tonight at the Chi-Sox Bar across from U.S. Cellular Field.  The State of Illinois official Weigh-In for the Round 3-B96 Boxing Bash at U.S. Cellular Field tomorrow night.

Play it loud ...It fits the event for both of these amazing fighters..

Here's what past in front of my eyes tonight at a excellent well run Weigh-In ..

Ladies and Gentlemen ..Our Main Event World Championship IBO Super Middle-weigh Title contenders ..Mr. Donovan George and Mr. Dyah Davis ... 

and before that Main Event ...Please welcome the below fighters (obliviously some of these gentlemen will be taking Center Stage / Main Event status very shortly)  as they step thru the ropes..

As with any great event , there's many ( enjoyable to watch) happenings going on to please the eyes ...

Tomorrow night, its all coming together at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago ..History being made !!!!

You got to be there ....

Cheers,    Tomba