A Chi-Town fighter to watch ..Semajay Thomas

Even tho I look at some photographers that "shot gun " their camera's ( Rapid bursts capturing thousands of files) as having way to much time on their hands in order to look at all those crappy files and wondering when they get a gig that requires files to be posted before they leave the event, how are they are going to do that with thousands of files?  Sometimes a fighter comes along that your pretty sure its going to be a short match so maybe a short burst is not a bad idea..A fighter like that was the opening match on the 8 -Count ESPN Fight Night last July 25th, 2014 at the UIC Pavilion.  All you important people that just show up for the televised portion of the night should take note.

Semajay Thomas is one of the fighters who I believe is a " Diamond in the Rough ".  One who's outstanding amateur record 64-4 with 12 KO's and now Pro record of 4-0 with two KO's needs to be tested but as of late has grown and is looking better all the time. 

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The above is available as a 8" x 20"  print                      and yes that is the " legend"... "The man "...Ronnie Shields

Its going to be fun to watch this young man grow in the boxing ...and I'm looking forward to watching a Martin Scorsese movie with Jamie Fox playing Semajay (sorry Denzel you are to old) and Tomba playing the Boxing photog ...cause Semajay has had a pretty amazing life and there's more to come.

Cheers, Tomba