Chicago Fight Clubs Promotions presents Fight Night IV WI

 Al Bawadi  Restaurant       7216 W. 87th  St.        Bridgeview, IL   60455

Tonight Chicago Fight Club Promotions held the Weigh-In for the long awaited Fight Night IV being held at The Cicero Stadium tomorrow night at the Al Bawadi Restaurant.   

All fighters made weigh and in preparation for their work tomorrow night are busy loading up on carb's and resting up...Here's a few quick picks of the "warriors" ...

If you need fight card information , weighs from tonight, directions, Etc.  or any information regarding Cicero Stadium just text or call me at 630-258 8930.   .

Tomorrow night's action at the Cicero Stadium   1909 S. Laramie Ave    Cicero , IL.  will start at 4:30PM for the Amateur matches and Doors open at 7:00PM for the Pro show which starts at 8:00PM ....


See you at Fight Night IV ...     Tomba