Fight Night at US Cellular Field Press Conferance

Gentleman ..Welcome to Cellular Field ..Are you ready to fight..Are you ready to box..How cool is that going to be to hear?  


Today it was my honor to attended the first Press Conference for the Upcoming August 16th ESPN "Friday Night Fights at the US Cellular Field Press Conference.  In future blogs I will provide information regarding the promoters of this giant event for Chicago (don't be mistaken that this isn't a amazing Chicago event because this is the biggest show I have ever been involved in and I been doing this since 2002) the fighters and past history for Boxing at Comiskey Park "back in the day".   



The above slide is a few quick picks , the entire nights  photo gallery can be viewed  by clicking or the below links; 

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Any questions or if you need anything regarding this event , please call or text me 630-258 8930....