Party weekend at the Cinespace "Cinefest Backlot Block Party"

If for some unknown reason (and I cant image why) you missed the "Backlot Block Party" tonight at the CineSpace.  Not to fear, you have a chance to redeem yourself by going this Saturday and Sunday.  To view map (near 15th and Western) to see the entire lineup for the three stages.  That's right three stages !!! Please visit or give me a text/ call at 630-258 8930.

Here's what you missed tonight (Friday) ..Blue Oyster Cult playing "Then came the last days of May"- "This ain't the summer of love"- and of course "(Don't fear) The Reaper".  I love these guys back in the day and I still do.  From what I heard from the screaming. rocking fans behind me , I'm not alone in loving these guys.  Great thing was I'm pretty sure Blue Oyster Cult was having as much fun as the fans and me.

Meanwhile on the Rock Roots Stage and on the main stage Chris Medina (American Idol winner) there was blues, rock ...all music ,all good.  My feel good moment of the night was when one of the Blues Artists remember me from when a was a real photographer and I would go to the Chicago Blues Fest every day and capture images on film ,then process negatives and spent days and days and days in the darkroom printing. Those prints were always turned in the Chicago Library Blues Archives.  As far as I know they are still in the Library Archives.  

Meanwhile at the EDM Stage ...Prepare to be amazed...

See you tomorrow ...or Sunday ..Better be at one of the days ...Cheers...Tomba