MooNiE the Magnif'Cent ....Foolish MortaL!

Visited my favorite Actor, Juggler, Foolish MortaL and comedian extraordinaire at the Bristol Renaissance Faire today.  Over the years, I have seen Phil Johnson in serious plays and as the MooNiE persona and whatever he does he does it "so very well" ...

Check him out at Bristol Renaissance Faire ( ) , he is there till Saturdays , Sunday and Holidays till September 7th this year and I believe he has shows coming up later in the year as MooNiE and Broon in Lake Forest and Wood Stock.

You can checkout Phil Johnson's schedule at   or contact for his travel information as I normally have a pretty good idea of where he is performing. ....Go see him, you wont regret it, he's the funniest man there is  in Illinois ...Make that the Midwest ..Make that in the United States ..Make that get the idea! 

Below slideshow is one of my favorite "acts" ...

But MooNiE is a man of many faces as seen below..

Cheers , Tomba