First "deck " launch and return ..

So I been walking out on to the lake (because it made sense to launch from there) ...and then like one of those light bulbs going off above my head ..The thought came to me , why aren't you launching from the deck?  Its warmer! Its easier to see my I-pad (tho I still want to watch my "bird" instead FPV but the plan is to work on that next week upon my return on Sunday! My boots  (actually I was wearing slip on's because I could ) are dry and not full of mud.

Here's a three plus minute clip of my inaugural off the railing of my deck launch. Sorry I didn't turn on video for launch or hand catch on the deck,  maybe next week.  I was thinking about far more important things than recording like safety ...

Its the little learning things that make me smile ...tommorow maybe indoors at Cicero Staduim!