Still on the "photo restoration" project....

On the back of this 17" x 11 " photo is the text ...

Our story                                                                                       Prior to road expansion

       Al Capone with an arrow pointing at the younger man ....Ted Fisher with an arrow

At first I went well , it may be Al Capone but it's not "The Al Capone" !!!

But then  ...???? One of the prints ( actually a post card) from yesterday was the below McGaw's Cottages on March 21st , 2014.

Questions to be answered ;  and  I will be making a trip to the East Troy Historical Society on Saturday to ask them these questions.

1) Was McGraws Cottages at the same site as the 1937 McGraws Tavern? (Later years The Dockside) 

2) What did Ted Fisher have to do with the McGraws Cottage's and Tavern ?

3) What year was the Road Expansion in front of McGraws/ Dockside?

4) If the above two photo's were taken at the approxmete same peroid of time and that is Al Capone who was born January 17th, 1899...He would have been 15 years old? 

Moving forward to June 30th, 1937..Please note the borner's on all three of the images were added for effect and enhancement .. Top Blues recording was from the man himself ..Robert Johnson one of the great's ...

Lake happening's on this day  ..

-30 degree's ...Sunset probably around 4:45PM

- Deb and I both applied for Wisconson licence plates and driver licences ...We both suddently had a craving for cheese and brats !!!