Time to start keeping up with the "Lake blog" ..

I keep thinking Im going to keep up with the Lake Beulah Blog and life seems to get in the way ...But since Tuesday ,November 10th 2014 was the day before the first snow,the day we had the furnance replaced  and the day Huck went back home.  This seems like a good point to start with!  On this fine day of Tuesday November 10th, 2014 it was day of working on some old (very old ..early 1900's) maps and prints ..But had to stop check out the amazing Sunset at Five O'clock.. 

November 10th ...Sunset about 5:00 O'Clock and 50 degree's F  ...   Shrimp on the Barbie 6:30 and still 50F 

The below are a few of the older files I am attemping to clean up ...my main idea is to have them availble as digitial files to insure they are never lost.  Since some one went to the trouble of taking a picture of Lake Beulah  on March 21st, 1914 , that someone was  the photographer for  E. C. Kropp out of Milaukee who suplied the below Post Card  for Mr. Carl Kralmlse, the least  I can do is spent a few hours in Photoshop cleaning it up. 

For that Photographer, this song is for you My Friend ..."By the beatiful Sea" which was the song of the year in 1914.  Where's your camera ?? If it magically appeared, I would try to follow in your footsteps ....

Tuesday November 11th ...First snow was around 2:00PM ....just a blowing accross the water, by the time I went outside to try and capture an image it had stopped so it wasnt exactly the big snow of November 2014 ...Im pretty sure thats on its way.

Lauren is on her way to Cystal Lake and heading to Iowa tommorow ...New remote access thermosat is in and the app is on my I-pad ... Michael is off to Lakeside Bowling ..Deb's working on Wedding Albums ..Tom's working on old photo's (three more to go) ..Docks are still in ....Life is very good and it's kind of  nice that the house is so quiet  after a "party weekend' .

Cheers ....Tomba