XFO Outdoor Wars Matches 16-13 -Mike Marrrillo

XFO/ Zuffa / Tomba-Images present the favorite picks and link to the complete Photo Gallery posting of the XFO MMA ( The  Midwest's premier MMA promoter) August 6th , 2016 Outdoor Wars at Sideout's in Island Lake.

Below the Mike Marrello and family portrait of XFO's 2016 Inductee Hall of Fame is a slideshow of my favorite "pic's" of Matches # 16-13 ( Matches # 1 through # 12 will be posted during the week) ...Please note this is not the complete Photo Gallery posting of all images captured of matches # 16 -13 .  That can be found by clicking on the link of the Tomba-Images Commerce site that is located below the slideshow.

Above image XFO's Hall of Fame Inductee Mike " Uncle Muffy"  Marrello ...Below slideshow is favorite picks of matches #13 through #16 ...

To view the complete Photo Gallery of  matches #13-16 , Mike Marrello Hall of Fame Induction , Ladies of XFO and the XFO crew  containing all the images captured of those matches, please high-light and right click the below link;


If the above link is broken, please visit www.tomba-images.com ...Locate the "Photo Galleries/ Commerce" tab in the banner, on the next page >>>click on "photo galleries".

Please note I will be posting Matches #1 through #12 within a few days.

Mark you calendar for Seconds Out Boxing in Milwaukee on August 20th ...See you there...

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