Shoutout to "The Phenom" Douglas Lima...

This is a well deserved shout out to a great fighter, a great friend ,one hell of a classy guy and one of Bellator'sfinest Champion's . Tonight "the Phenon" will regain his title in Bellator's organizational debut in the UK in the main event for Welterweight of Douglas Lima vs Paul Daley on Spike TV tonight Saturday July 16th 2016 at I believe 9:00PM CST.

In celebration , I thought I would post a few favorite images I have captured of Douglas few years back.

To show what a classy guy Douglas is ....Quite often (most of the time) when I do photo sessions, other then basic touchup and many times files are turned over to a client right out of the camera. I get paid and never really know what happens to the files or how they are used.  Few years back Sucker Punch Entertainment hired me for a photo session with Douglas and Felice Herrig and as normal, files were turned over to Brian Butler.  Douglas being such a great guy , he took the time out of his busy schedule to autograph and mail me the below print a few weeks later which now hangs in a prominent spot in my office as one of my favorites.


I will be watching you tonight as you do work and they wrap that welterweight Champion belt around you...

Cheers, Tomba