Phantom Fight Promotions complete "fight night" posting

So here's what I see when I look into the future ...There's a really really old man at a Phantom Fight Promotions MMA Professional matches maybe PF-Promotions # 124 , the old man is way to old to hold a camera up and he walks up to the Phantom fight primary photog and say's these's words.  My man, excuse me but I wanted to say , I photographed the first PF-Promotions matches "Six Corners Collisions" back in 014 and just want to say hi .  Being polite, he will say "that's great but I need to get back to work"  ...As the old man walks away , the young man will think to himself ..who was that crazy old fuck and what is a Nikon D3 camera ..

The moral of the above story is Phantom Fight Promo is not a 4 show wonder, they are here in Chicago and here to stay around for a long time..

The slideshow below is my favorite picks of the night ..images from every category or folder of the complete fight night posting.  Please note these are "picks" NOT THE COMPLETE POSTING . The link to the complete posting of the "Six Corners Collision' is below the slideshow.

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The complete Fight posting can be viewed at the link below ( Highlight and Right click)

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Need anything or help navigating through the site?  Call/ text me at 630-258 8930 ..Need information for the upcoming Phantom Fight Promotions MMA matches in December ?? 

My Thanks to the Phantom Fight Team for a great debut...I got to say the beginning"blew me away "...and in talking to fans after the show, I was not alone.

Cheers,    Tomba