Phantom Fight Promotions "fight night'..

What a amazing night was the The Beginning of Phantom Fight Promotions and the matches were called "Six Corners Collision " that were held at the historical Portage Theater at 4050 N. Milwaukee , Chicago Illinois.

UFC "its hall of fame" is copyrighted music and absolutely NO COPYING OR USAGE without prior written approval ..Contact Tomba-Images for information ... 

Chicago MMA fans owe a big Thank You to the team of Phantom that put together a great show , a great evening of MMA ...

Before I called it a night I wanted to post a few of the images captured this evening ..

Looking quickly through the last card , I picked this as my favorite ..Click to see in a light-box ..

A slideshow of some of the  quick picks of the last

The plan is to work on the complete fight night posting of all matches and special guests tomorrow late afternoon and into Monday ..If you need any special match before then, please contact me by text at 630-258 8930 ..

Cheers ...Tomba