Davis Speed Center

Copyrighted Music provided by Alex and Steve Corbo ...Please do not copy without written approval ..For information contact Tomba-Images.

The below slideshow is some "quick picks" from session with minor/ quick enhancements.  They need further touch ups ..minor blemishes, Etc. 

Brian/ Felice ...

The link I send from box.net contains;

1) My first round picks ...most full frame..some cropped in;

2) For a particular set, I picked out one and tweaked/ enhanced (The above images);

3) If you tell me a particular file number or set of files , I can upload raw original DNG files or if you want the complete set of images that's on box.net I can forward later in the week;

4) When time permits, I will review to determine if there's any keepers in a "second round" pick.