A "shout out " to the Good, Bad and Ugly ...

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The Good ...Shout out to Josh Shockley, who got the call and is heading to UFC # 174 in Vancouver, British Columbia next month....Congrad's Josh !

To commemorate the UFC call ..The above print will be available as a 10" x 10" Art Print in framed and unframed versions. Call Tomba for complete information.

The Bad (Luck) ...Shout out to Chael Sonnen( self proclaimed "American Gangster")  who failed a Nevada State Commission random drug test and had to drop out of UFC # 175 .  It certainly sounds like "bad luck" to me , a substance or substances that are Non-Anabolic, Non-Steroid, Non-performance enhancing  agent that is legal.   That was placed banned list in February  ...Sounds like bad luck but I know nothing.  If someone knows please educate me on these substances?  

Above images  ...Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping 

The Ugly ... Shout out to the Ugly goes to Alex Martinez formerly of Praetorian Fighting Championships.  I believe there's a few scams besides his venture into Chicago land MMA but I'm not sure of details regarding those.  I'm going to have to start watching "American Greed"  on television more regularly and hopefully see him on it to get all the stories.

OK the ladies below look awesome but that Alex Martinez in the middle has some real issues like forgetting to pay his bills.

Clicking on image will bring it into a Light Box for full screen viewing ..."Loser in the center"  ..If anyone needs a cropped version for a "wanted poster" , please contact me ...

Cheers , Tomba ...