XFO presents Fight Night Photo Gallery posting at the Sears Centre

On September 21st ,2013 Midwest's Premier MMA Promoter XFO presented "Fight Night at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois .  As always , it was sick ...


Those who are regulars to the Tomba-Images blog's know that I always like to post a few images from each match/ category of the complete posting  of all matches.  Because of what I consider the "fight of the night" of ;

 Gabriel Arroyo vs Mike Hayden  

I have chosen to also include the below slide Show of my favorite picks of that particular match; 

Others may chose a different match as "fight of night" but this match for me showed the heart and soul of two young fighters who gave their all for "the fight"  ..it showed the match maker  did his job well in choosing fighters that were equally matched ..,,I chose this fight because I'm a fan then a Photojournalist.. I chose this fight because as a Photojournalist my job is to document and tell the story of the local coaches and local fighters who while wanting to be in the ranks of UFC, Bellator and the higher ranking venues of the big Time still give their all to training, the fight and the fans. My job is made so very easy when it shows the the athletes who have trained so hard while probably holding a full time job to support their selves and family give their all and will still show respect to their opponent even if they do not get the big W ,  I love a fight when at winner and loser (but there are no losers in a match like this) after beating the crap out of each are smiling because they love what they do ..and they do well.

The below slideshow is the Tomba picks of the night ,this is a folder that is in the complete fight night posting of the other matches (a few files that are my favorites from each match/category)   ...

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