Waiting for Headhunter MMA "Battle of the Borders II"

Waiting for the next Headhunter MMA Explosion

........Thanks Jimmy ...

 Over in China they got smart real fast

That's where they invented the man made blast.
They lost a few fingers and some bamboo shacks,
But they gave birth to a tribe of pyromaniacs.

Oh oh, it's a dangerous world.
Fire in the sky, lava in the ocean,
Sittin' round waitin' for the next explosion


...and that next Ammy MMA explosion is this Saturday October 5th at Jessie Oaks located at 18490 Old Gage Lake Road in Gage's Lake, Illinois.  As a taste of what's to be expected this Friday at the Weigh-In's and on "fight Night" .  Check out the below files of the "Ring Girl Search Contest" held a few days ago's.


The Ladies of Headhunter MMA


The Fighters of "Battle of the Borders II"  

Jessie Oaks -Groups -Plus  

Battle of the Borders Headhunter Belt

Need directions or ticket information for this Saturday's "fight night" or open to the public Weigh-In times, text / call me at 630-258 8930.


See you at Jessie Oaks ...I guarantee you will have a good time ... Jessie Oak's Bar -Restaurant- Entertainment Center is always a fun place..

Cheers, Tomba