Chicago's my kind of "fight town" ..

Those who know me well , know that I feel with boxing and MMA fighters , trainers and support for them in Chicago that at some time in the very near future all the Main Event fighters will have had their training and roots in Chi-Town....Its just a matter of time.  So with that thought in mind, you could only image how excited I was to hear Glory was on their way to our city ...and they didn't disappoint.... Tonight was Glory II World Class Kickboxing in out town and what a night it was ...Here's a few images I captured but they really do not do justice to a event that takes your breath away...

These are just some quick picks of the night ......Not sure how much time I have the next couple of days but I will review and post all matches and events of the night next week.  If you need something or a particular match , please text/ call me at 630-258 8930..  

Cheers ...Tomba