At Last ..."Glory 11" is in Chicago

As you were drinking your morning coffee yesterday and today, World Class athletes were arriving at O'Hara in order to participate  in a World Class Kick-Boxing Tournament that is being held Saturday October 12th at the Sears Centre.

Our first glance at these, the worlds top Kick-Boxers was at the Chicago Fitness Center located at 3131 N. Lincoln Avenue in Chicago , oblivious well know to the many MMA -Muay Thia trainees in Chicago.  If I may , I would like to introduce you to the best the sport has to offer...(Shown in reverse order of appearance)..

Chris Hanley (United States) 


Joseph Valtellini (Canada) 

Anderson Silva (Brazil) 

Rico Verhoeven (Netherlands

Danial Ghita ( Romania)  

Gokhan Saki (Turkey) 

Nathan Corbett (Australia)

Tyrone Spong ( Suriname

Chicago Fitness Center

Tomorows "fight week" events will be the official Sate of Illinois Weigh-In for Glory 11 held at Busters & Daves   North Swift Road 1155 Addison, IL at 3:30 CT ...