It's Golden Gloves Final's week at last ..Thursday's Photo Gallery

The below is the images captured at the Cicero Stadium during the Chicago Golden Gloves first night of finals -Thursday April 10th 2014..

1) The below slideshow is the favorite picks of the night, one or two files from each of the 19 matches;

2) Below that slideshow is the link and information to access the complete nights posting of all nineteen matches on April 10th 2014 during the Chicago Golden Gloves.

The link below contains the photo gallery of all April 10th 2014 Thursday's GG Finals. (Highlight below link and right click to access gallery)

If link is broken , please vist  In the banner > Photo Galleries/ Commerce site > On that page > Photo Galleries ..

Finals will continue tonight (Friday April 11th and Saturday April 12th at the Cicero Stadium , First bell 8:00 PM ...If you have any questions, stop by and see me ringside..



Chicago Golden Gloves March 15th 2014 Photo Gallery Posting

This Saturday was the last night of the Chicago Golden Gloves Quarter Finals (Next week on Thursday the 20th the Semi-Finals start in preparation for the Finals on April 10th-11th- and 12th 2014 heldat Cicero Stadium in Cicero, Illinois .

Unfortunately, I was only able to photography the "Gloves" on Saturday March 15th and do not have any images for the matches on Thursday the 13th or Friday the March 14th.  Ben from Occasion Video will be able to "fix you up" with Video's from any of the Chicago Golden Gloves matches as he is at every match at Cicero Stadium.  

The below slide show is my favorites of the night folder ,one or two picks or favorite images from each match of  Saturday nights action.

Please note the slideshow is not the complete "photo gallery" posting of all matches.  This is just a few favorite images in grey-scale..The complete posting of the night can be viewed by clicking on the links below the slideshow.

The complete Photo Gallery posting of all matches can be viewed by high-lighting and right clicking the below link;

If the above link is broken ..Please visit

> Locate Photo Galleries/ Commerce site in the banner > click on Photo Galleries > Click on Photo Galleries on Page ...Any problems text/call Tomba at 630-258 8930 

Action starts next week on Thursday's Semi-finals March 20th ..

Cheers ....

Chicago Golden Gloves Pre-Lims Photo Gallery -13th-14th-15th .

Last night , the Chicago Golden Gloves finished up the week in style with the Chicago Golden Gloves Pre--Lims...

- The below slideshow is one file from each of the 18 matches held last night Saturday March 8th, 2014..

- The second slideshow is match # 3 Jesus Estrada vs Larry Luckett SN 156 (One of the folders that is in the Complete photo gallery posting.

- Below the slideshows are the links to the "photo galleries posting of all Pre-lim matches.

Above images are favorites of the night (March 8th) One pick from each match ..

The above is the complete posting of Estrada vs Luckett that is in the "photo galleries"..

The links below will take you to the "photo galleries" ...High lite & Right click or cut and paste in your browser ..

Saturday March 8th 2014 All matches ..

Thursday March 6th 2014  Matches 6 through 13 ..

Wednesday March 5th 2014  All matches..

If the above links are broken , visit   > in the banner click on Photo Galleries > click on "photo galleries" in body of page.

Please note all images posted have not been cropped or corrected those items will be done on print or digital file orders..

Cost for all files in a particular match (web sized Social Networking files-No commercial usage) is $25.00 , please contact me for complete details at 630-258 8930.

Chicago Golden Gloves will resume for the quarter finals on Thursday March 13th-14th-15th at the Cicero Stadium located at 1909 S. Laramie , Cicero Illinois.

Need any info ..Please text/ call me at 630-258 8930..

Cheers,  Tomba


2013 Golden Gloves Finals Photo Galleries

On April 11th, 12th and 13th of 2013 the Chicago Golden Gloves Championships were held to determined which Chicago area fighters will represent us in the 2013 Nationals.

The three links below contain the complete photo galleries of those matches held at The Cicero Stadium in Cicero, Illinois over those three days.

These are the the posting that are on , if there are any questions please call/text at 630-258 8930 or e-mail at 

Cheers ,  Tomba                

Fridays Golden Gloves Finals

Friday April 12th , 2013 found us once again at The Cicero Stadium for The Chicago Golden Gloves...The entire nights photo gallery  posting should be up in a couple of hours or tomorrow afternoon depending on how the rest of the day goes before leaving for the final night of the Chicago GG Finals .. 

Here's a slide show of some of the Friday night action ..

See you at The Cicero Staduim 1909 S. Laramie , Cicero in a few hours ..First bell 7:30 PM

First night of the Chicago GG Finals posting

Thursday April 11, 2013 ..First night of the Chicago Golden Gloves and as always it provided the Chicago Boxing fans with the "best bang for their buck" .  Amateur boxers that will be turning Pro in a few short years and the chance to hang around the pro's who come to train , to watch and to find their next Professional Champion to sponsor.  All this at the right ticket price.

The next two nights Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th will be the last chance to see the 2013 Golden Gloves "action" at The Cicero Stadium 1909 S. Laramie , Cicero , Illinois.  First bell is at 7:30 PM  ..See you there... 

The below link will take you to the Photo Gallery posting of the Thursday finals..

Please click on below link to view  "photo gallery posting"