Revisiting UFC at the United Center

February 15th, 2012                                  Boat House Studio, Lake Beulah    Wisconsin

Hoy Publications Chicago Tribune Media Group

I,  like many the people I work with, are friends with, just about everybody I know I guess was really pumped up about the UFC in Chicago at the United Center. So I wanted to do something special to show the lead in to "fight night" and the excitement during fight night at The United Center.

Here is my small tribute and a offering to show the celebration of UFC on Fox in Chicago.

I need to thank our good friends , Steve Corbo who wrote and produced the sound track and Alex Corbo who performed UFC ITS HALL OF FAME for allowing usage of their copyrighted music.  Thanks guys "your the best" ..

All you Apple I-phone , I-pad users and Mac people (me included with the I-phone and I-pad) sorry this "flip-book" is flash driven so we are out of luck.  If I  get postive feed-back on making presentation in this format , then I will consider the Mac version flip-book solfware.  Let me know what you think?