Bellator # 84 at The Horseshoe Venue Chicago Area Fighters

Boathouse Studio/ Tomba Images     Lake Beulah, Wisconsin

Chicago Tribune Hoy Publication Media Group

Seven days from now, I will be checking gear before heading the Bellator # 84 Weigh-In ...8 days from now on December 14th , I will be packing up and getting ready for the drive to the Horseshoe Venue in Hammond, Indiana for "fight night".  While congradulations goes out to all the choosen fighters for Bellator # 84 ....

There some very special Chicago area fighters who deserve a special Oorah for their efforts (training) in getting picked for # 84.

These are the Chicago area fighters (tho not all) ...These are the future Bellator Champions ...(tho they are all Champions now) ...and I am proud to say these are my friends ...

Oorah Felice Herrig ...Oorah Joey Diehl ...Oorah Jerald Williams ..Oorah Kenny Booker

If you need any info on Bellator # 84, give me a call/ text at 630-258 8930 and I will do what I can to help out.