Bobby Hitz Boxing/ Round Three September 15th 2017 at The Dome "Quick Picks" of Fight Night.

On Friday , September 15th 2017 Bobby Hitz Boxing held the extremely popular live professional Boxing at The Dome at the Ballpark in Rosemont, Illinois.  What can I say , great venue, great fights,so very many special guests,  packed house with a stacked card, and the Chi-town Boxing fans loved it!..Thank You Bobby Hitz for another special event!

Below the cover images of the "Hughes vs Kuhn "   is a slideshow of my favorite images captured during fight night. Please note this slideshow is not the complete photo gallery of images captured but a few quick picks of each match.  The complete Photo Gallery of all images captured will be posted during the next couple of days.

Above capture of Hughes vs Kuhn is availble as a art print, contact Tomba-Images for information....To view full screen in a lightbox, click on image.

The below slideshow is a few quick picks of my favorities of each match.  Full photo gallery will be reviewed and posted next week.

The plan right now is to work on the Hitz Fight Night files and finish up a few other projects tomorrow afternoon.  After 4:00PM and throught Sunday get in some boat time with friends and family.  If something is needed immediately , please text me at 630-258 8930 or e-mail me at " " and I will try to fill your requests.

Cheers, Tomba