" Hey Tomba , didnt see you at Bellator " ...

Picked up a couple messages like above and I got to say thanks for asking ...With all the local guys (and more importantly friends) on the Bellator card, I certainly would had been at the pressers, open workouts and fight night on Friday even if I wasn't booked to be there.

But I was fortunate to be able to attend the"Godfather of Boxing Photography"  Chris Farina's Inaugural San Antonio Photography Workshop last Thursday and Friday.  

To all the sports photog's out there , I would recomment when this workshop comes to your city, check it out ...If your a amateur or seasoned pro photog , there's so very much we can learn from each other  and a Chris Farina workshop is the place to gather and do that.

Need info , please contact Chris at " photoman58@aol.com " or 702-595 3163 for information regarding when this workshop will be in your area.  If your in the Chicago/ Milwaukee area please feel free to contact me regarding the workshops.

Click on above image for Lightbox viewing ...Below slideshow , few San Antonoi workshop picks ..

Tomba-Images text / call 630-258 8930  or tom@tomba-images.com ...

Cheers, Tomba