Seconds Out Promotions Present "Fight Night" in Milwaukee on August 20th 2016

On Saturday , August 20th 2016 Seconds Out Promotion held their "Fight Night" in Milwaukee and once again gave the Mid-West professional boxing fans their moneys worth ...Great venue-great fighters- great matches and great fans ...All and all , a great fight night.

I picked out a few favorites of three matches;

-Dewayne Wisdom vs Tyler McCreary            -Ramesis Gil vs Sonny Fredrickson

                                             -Darryl Cunningham vs Luis Arias

Below the cover image of Ramesis Gil vs Sonny Fredrickson is a slideshow of a few images from each of the above matches.  Please note, these are just a few quick picks before I edit and post the complete nights matches plus tomorrow afternoon.

Sonny Fredrickson vs Ramesis Gil            Above image available as a 16" x 20" Art Print

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                                            Fight Night Score card

                                               Main event -IBF/ USBA Middleweight Titles

Main Event ) Luis "Cuba" Arias wins by Fourth round KO defeating Darryl Cunningham

Co-main ) Caleb Truax wins by KO 1:11 of the second round defeating Zacharian Kelly

6) Marcos Forestal defeating Michael Gaxiola by Unanimous decision

5) Sonny Fredrickson defeating Ramesis by Unanimous decision

4) Carson Jones wins by KO 1:38 of the first round defeating Star Jones

3) Tyler McCreary defeating DeWayne Wisdom by Unanimous decision

2) Livan Navarro wins by KO 0:18 of the first round defeating Quintez

1) John Luna defeating Oswaldo Ortega by Unanimous decision

The plan is to edit and post entire nights action tomorrow, if you need something ,please text / call me 630-258 8930 or e-mail at ...

Cheers, Tomba