Fonfara vs Smith Open Workout June 15th Oakley Gym Photo Gallery

The posting of the below images taken on Wednesday June 15th, 2016  has not been on my important  "to do list" for the past week but before they are filed away forever , I thought I should take a look at them ...and make a few comments.

Of course, I would have liked a different outcome of the Saturday match of Joe Smith (22/ 1 with 18 KO's ) vs Andrzej Fonfara ( 28/ 4 with 16 KO's) . nothing against Mr. Smith but I like to think of Andrzej as a friend, a client , and of course, there's that Chi-Town Boxing bonding thing so I have to cheer for that Polish Chicago guy. But you got to give credit where credit is due and damn that Irish Construction worker by day and Bad Ass Boxer by night can hit like a strom moving in ....We all know, in Boxing "things happen" ..

Below the two cover images of Andrzej Fonfara and Joe Smith are some slideshows of selected images from the Open Workout.

Click on the above image to view in a full screen light-box

Click on the above image to view in a full screen light-box

Being a curious photog and wondering what other photog's were capturing ...I did notice that there were approximately six professional camera's, maybe 1/2 dozen prosumer camera's , 10 plus phone camera / I-pads and not one remote flash.  It looked to me that all those camera's were getting the same image.  So I just went looking for the open work pic's and I could only find a couple of sites that have any posted....Wonder where all those pictures go to ?  

Cheers, Tomba ....