Bobby Hitz's Boxing Favorite Picks and link to the complete Photo Gallery Posting

It must be The Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, I say that because as he always does Bobby Hitz kicks off the Thanksgiving weekend before turkey day with the annual Black Wednesday Fight Night at the Horseshoe Venue.

The below four are my favorites ....with a little texture..

The below slideshow are my favorite picks of the night (few from each match/ folder of the complete photo gallery posting).  PLEASE NOTE THE BELOW SLIDESHOW IS NOT THE COMPLETE PHOTO GALLERY POSTING! PLEASE ACCESS THAT GALLERY BY THE LINK BELOW THE SLIDESHOW.

To view the complete nights photo gallery of all matches, Round Card Ladies ,Special guests, plus , please high-light and right click the below link;

If the above link is broken, please visit  locate the tab for "Commerce Site/ Photo Galleries" in the banner > Click on that tab...On the next page > Click on "Photo Galleries". 

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Enjoy the weekend ...Cheers,