Magazines Covers ...That I want to be on !

So just about every photog starts off thinking , I can capture a portrait that's worthy of being on the cover of the "Rolling Stone" , I can get a image that National Geography will throw a bunch of money at me to use my pic on their cover ...But you know what, its not happened yet.

But maybe I can present something to True Detective ....

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Before you run out to the local drug store to get your copy maybe I should give you a heads up that this copy of True Detective is only available at Tomba-Images.

Actually I do have some fight magazines that my work has been on the covers but I need to expand my goals ..If not True Detective maybe Playboy as a second choice.

Here's my collection of  my friend and colleague Joey Hill , Chi-Town's Main sports photog at work and at play over the years.....

Joey ...Keep up the good work , looking forward to being along side you at a Action Sport event soon.

Cheers, Tomba