A night at U.S. Cellular Field

There's a lot of things we would all love to change about Chicago!  But I cant imagine anyone not liking a Chicago July 22nd Summer evening at U.S. Cellular Field.  In preparation for the upcoming " Boxing Bash " on August 23rd at U.S. Cellular Field Round 3 -Bobby Hitz -B96 Boxing introduced some of the fighters that will be on the card August 23rd.

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Donovan George- Frankie Scalise - Mike "Hollywood" Jimenez all put on their finest White Sox wear and stood behind Home Plate while being introduced to the fans attending the White Sox vs the Kansas City Royals.  I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to see all these great fighters on a teleprompter but I got to tell you it was very very cool to see them on the White Sox Giant Teleprompter. 

The below is a slidebook of a few of my favorite images of a great night promoting a historical boxing event for Chicago.

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Mark your calendar for the US Cellular Field Boxing Bash for August 23rd ...If you need any information on this event , please text or call me at 630-258 8930.

Cheers,  Tomba