Getting ready with S.A.Y. G Promotions

Not exactly Boxing music but its what I thought of this morning as I looked back on the past week ....

In preparation for the upcoming August 15th Professional Boxing matches being held at The Tripoli Shine Center located at 3000 W. Wisconsin Avenue , Milwaukee, Wisconsin the good people at S.A.Y. G   Promotions held a team meeting/ photo session at Molly Cool's 1110 N. Old World 3rd in Milwaukee (Note to self , got to take Deb there for lunch or  dinner someday soon) this past Saturday June 21st ..

Here's a few picks of a day in Milwaukee .....

My Molly Cool's studio 

The S.A.Y.  G  Promotions  team that will make it all happen 

Mark your calendar for the August 14th Weigh-In (location to be determined) and the August 15th "fight Night" at the Tripoli Shrine Center, Milwaukee.  If you need any information , please contact me at  text/ call 630-258 8930.

Cheers .....Tomba