ESPN Fight Night at the UIC Pavilion ...

On Friday February 7th 2014 , 8 Count -Warriors and Iron Mike Promotions brought to Chicago the ESPN Friday Night Fight Night Profession Boxing .  The below slideshow are a few images from each of the matches/ folders that are in the posting of the complete Photo Gallery posing of all matches   ( See link below the slideshow )  ..

Tomba favorite picks of the Night 

The below link will take you to the complete Photo Gallery of

-All matches with exception of Daniel Hicks vs Patryk Szymanski match , sorry that I was not able to photography that particular match;

-Weight In and Presser at the Municipal Bar and Dining on February 6th, 2014

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                                                                         My ESPN office away from my office 

                                                                       My ESPN office away from my office 

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