ESPN / 8 Count/ Round Three Open Workouts at US Cellular Field

To tell the truth, it started off a little rocky ...Set up some lights to shoot into the sun , then a downpour , dragging q-flashes plus equipment into a bathroom to  keep somewhat dry after being drenched ..............Then the sun came out and dragged every back ..never did get the second TT Flex to sync tho? or lights setup properly but here's what the Open Workout for the ESPN US Cellular Field workout turned into the Photo Workout files turned out .....Turned out it was great fun and it's always good to be outside ... 

Tomorrow night the Final Public Press Conference is being held at The Copernicus Center    5216 Lawrence  Chicago , Illinois   6:00PM doors open -Press conference starts at 7:00PM  ...If you need directions or any information regarding This Friday Night's ESPN Big Fight Two at US Cellular Field give me a text / call at 630-258 8930.