Bobby Hitz Boxing Weigh-In at the Horseshoe

Ladies and Gentlemen , introducing the Bobby Hitz Professional Boxing fighters of the June 8th matches at the Horseshoe Casino Venue Theater . Tonight in preparation of the Saturday night Hitz Boxing event, the state of Indiana official weigh-in took place at the Horseshoe Casino.  It was my honor to capture the below images during the gathering of fighters, fans and team mates of the fighters. 

Tomorrow night's event will be available as PPV  , please visit for details or call / text me at 630-258 8930 if I can help with ticket or PPV information.....See you tomorrow night at the "fights" ..

The above posting is only a partial list due to space requirements, the full posting of the weigh-in and fight night images will be posted on Monday or Tuesday at ...If you need anything before then, please give me a call/ text.