Tamerian Tsamaev vs Lamar Fenner 2009 Golden Gloves

Tamerlan Tsarnaev… Golden Gloves Champion …Accused bomber..

Years before April 15th, 2013 , before Marathon’s across the world changed,  before the world changed how they  viewed the  26 mile and 385 yards finish line  as a triumph in a athletes ability and will for a period of time  view that finish line remembering April 15th, 2013 in Boston with sorrow and possibly fear.  There was a boxing match, lucky  I was able to attend that match in Salt Lake City , Utah  , a match of Golden Gloves Champions from across the United States competing in what I always viewed as young men chasing the American dream to become a American Champion.  The Golden Gloves brings together young men who train extremely hard to be able to compete in the National level , who work with teams as no man or women can spare or train by themselves, who need coaches and team mates to be help drive what it takes to be a Champion. The match I watch and photography on Monday , May 4th 2009 was between Chicagoan Lamar Fennar (who I knew from the Chicago Golden Gloves) and a fighter from New England Tamerian Tsamaev (whose name I probably couldn’t pronounce)  while I do not remember details , I know   the Lamar Fenner decision win  had some critics due to Lamer being knocked down and still winning but as we all know decisions are always in the hands of the judges.  Lamar went on due  to his win to fight and lose in the 201 Lbs. finals later in the week to Jordan Shimmell from Michigan the 2009 201 Lbs. National Golden Gloves Champion.

That should be the end of the my story about some Golden Gloves match from 2009 …But there was so many sad events to follow …Tragically Lamar Fennar who was a Junior at Leo Catholic High School when competing in Salt Lake City in 2009 passed away due to a heart condition last year (2012) and Tamerian Tsamaev  age 26 on April 19th when he was killed in a shootout with police Friday morning  after being identified as the one of the  “Boston Marathon bomber’s” .

It appears Tamerian Tsamaev went from Golden Gloves American Champion to join the ranks of Osama Bin Laden, Hiter, Chairman Mao as an infamous Terrorist.  Hopefully the future will shed some light on what changed in this young man to make that transformation.