ESPN's Wlodarczyk -3- Fragomeni Profession Boxing

The good people at 8-Count / Ulrich / Warriors Promotions provided the Chicago Fans with the opportunity to watch the ESPN 3 WBC Cruiser weigh Championship match of;

Krzysztof "Diablo" Wlodarczyk     vs     Giacobbe "Gabibbo" Fragomeni 

at the UIC Pavilion Friday December 6th , 2013 

The below slideshow is one of several folders or categories that is in the complete photo posting of the entire night.  These are a few picks (My favorites pic's) from each match or folder.  To see the entire Photo gallery posting please visit

The complete nights photo gallery with folders from each match can be viewed by clicking on the link below.  Folders contained in the gallery are;

- Tomba Picks (few favorites from each match) 

- All matches of the night       - Ladies of 8 Count      - Steve Corbe   - Gerald Scott

-Joey Hill    -Faces of "fight night (Special guests and Fans)   -The big "W" (Win shots)      

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