Quick Picks of the Bobby Hitz "Black Wednesday

Tonight , the annual Black Wednesday Bobby Hitz Professional Boxing matches took place at the Horseshoe Casino Venue Theater and as it always  ,  the fans, the Chicago boxing elite and all involved loved it ..What a great way for boxing fans to begin a holiday weekend ..


The below are quick picks non-edited files of most but not all of the matches (Sorry I couldn't post all the matches  on this blog) ......

The plan is to post all matches with edited files on www..tomba-images.com on Friday.. ..I'm not exactly sure of how that all happening since my Laptop seems to have enter computer heaven last night but ....It is pretty amazing what you can do with a I-Pad and few accessory tools ..


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours ..Thanks for checking out the few fight night pic's ..Cheers,


Tomba ..