The trick to having a successful Lake Beulah home is ...

...inviting  people like our wonderful friends from Taiwan (and Germany)   who cook , clean and bear great gifts.  Thank you Su-Nu Tsay, Yui Lee , Yu-Tzu Lee, Christian Lee, Iman Lee and child extraordinaire Valentina Lucia Lee for visiting us and being such amazing thoughtful  guests.

Seeing your 80 year old mother Su-Nu Tsay on a kayak and wanting to go across the lake, on a Wave Runner wanting to faster and wanting to swim across lake was such pleasure and joy  to be with.

Left to right       Yui Lee , Su-Nu Tsay , Iman Lee, Valentina Lucia Lee, Christian Lee and Yu-Tzu Lee enjoying some New Glarus Double IPA Scream with lunch that of course they cook.

Below are some very special gifts from some special friends ..Big shout out to John and Susan Finney for special basket of wine and classic camera's (Do these people know me!) ..and for the Lee family in presenting us with very special wine....and Bob Rzeppa ...Thank you all ...

I am very blessed to have such friends..

Cheers,  Tomba