Few pic's of the Blood Moon ..

September 27th 2015 , the "rare "Total Lunar Eclipse of a Super Full Moon ...the moon was closest to the earth or at its perigee. Here's the view from Lake Beulah, East Troy ,Wisconsin.

Images captured with a Nikon D3    Sigma 5.0-6.3 600MM

1/5 second & last image 1/13 second    f/6.3    SO 8000

Flyboarder provided by Tyler Bradfield of Elevate Flyboarding.

I believe when the next Total Full Moon eclipse "Blood Moon" appears it will be October 8th, 2033.  I marked my calendar but there's a pretty good chance that they wont let me out of the Retirement to go outside when it's dark out!!

I could explain the Lunar Tetrad and the Four Blood Moons Doomsday Prophecy's & Predictions. But since the world didn't come to end just "google" it like I did and read about it.

Cheers, Tomba