Saturday of Mother's Day weekend at the Lake

Our pre-mothers day dinner on Saturday consisted of Steak and Cedar Plank Salmon...I asked for and received a few receipt  suggestions for the  Cedar Plank Salmon. But as it worked out, I had to go with what ingredients I had and in the amount of time I had. 

Planks ...

Soaked in Makers 46 boubon and water for two hours.

Marinate ..

Cup of oil-Sesame Oil-Minced garlic- Oyster sauce-Capers -Soy sauce-Brown sugar - Soaked Salmon for an a hour... Grilled on low under planks-side burners a little higher for 30 minutes.

Next time add garnish of Green Onions-oranges-little dill-...Maybe musard brown sugar sauce 


Steaks ..........Bucky's Steak Rub ...3 minutes each side  on low heat ...3 minutes each side high -w/ sear ... Next time add 30 seconds each side on high ..Set for five minutes.

Sunday May 10th Mother's day  ..Pretty gray out there and 50 degree's F ..

Cheers, Tomba